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Our vision concentrates on preparation for life, which involves promoting academic achievement, fostering a responsible and confident self-image in our students, and encouraging personal commitment to the extended community.


Dr. A. Q. Khan School System strives to be a unique community where the potential and talent of each individual are realized within a friendly and challenging environment based on Islamic Principles.

Our Aims

  • To encourage everyone to see their latent potential.
  • To enable each individual to meet creative, intellectual and physical challenge with confidence.
  • To foster an active concern for the community and the environment.
  • To create a friendly environment that is celebrated and supported.
  • To provide a secure and caring setting with known boundaries.


In the age of knowledge-driven economy, the school’s being primary institutions of the society, Dr. A. Q. Khan School System strives to imitate the towering personality of its pioneer and founder. In emulating the great benefactor of Pakistan, we have established an unparalleled educational system with consistent policies, established standards, and a coherent conceptual base. We are calm to have the following distinctive features.

  • We ensure a focused and ongoing evolution of school performance with   the aim of achieving set objectives.
  • We believe in nurturing creative and Analytical abilities of students not   in  just testing their memories.
  • We believe I engaging student mind by encouraging them to participate   in  learning activities regularly and perform their home assignments. We   ensure that an ongoing system of accountability is in place for students   and teacher to ensure adherence to established standard.
  • We aim to develop resourceful, committed and dedicated faculty for a   meaningful change at the individual school and community levels.
  • We have adopted innovative approach of increasing emotional quotient   of  the students by encouraging them to participate in games and other   strenuous physical activities.
  • We believe in regularly updating our facilities and educational   methodologies, as we are cognizant of the fact that adaptability is the key   to survival.
  • In adopting modern teaching methodologies, we are also mindful or our   religious and cultural values therefore we always uphold the importance   of religious educational and cultural values.

Our Edge

We offer unique features that give us an edge over other schools:-

In your Vicinity: We bring education near you.

Standardization: To ensure high-quality education at fewer coasts.

Competitive fee structure: Providing English Medium quality education with an affordable fee structure.

Educational Insurance: In case of the demise of earning parents, the child’s education will be free.

Standard curriculum and lesson plan: Bring about the best in every student. Lesson planning makes lessons more interesting and interactive for students.

Student-related utilities in the school stores at competitive prices: This includes textbooks, stationery, and uniforms.

Teachers’ education and training: For developing and upgrading academic and management skills.

Students’ health care programs: Available and accessible to all students.

Co-curricular activities: For developing and upgrading academic and management skills.

Art and Crafts

Physical Education and Games

Inter-School Competitions

Educational Trips

Newsletter and Magazines

School Club and Societies

Also introducing a Student Guidance and Counseling

Department and a Talented Students’ Pool

Student’s Transfer Facility: Student’s now also having the inter-city transfer facility allowing them to relocate to another school of the “Dr. A. Q. Khan School System” Network within the city. Since the books and curriculum are standardized throughout the network. The students will have no problem adjusting to a new environment and will not experience any disruption in the learning process. The student’s computerized progress reports and evolution portfolio will also be transferred to the new campus. The transfer however can only take place under the consent of both campuses.

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